About our Organization

Since 1997, Quality Imaging Center has been assisting organizations in streamlining their operations and maximizing their facilities by converting their documentation to electronic formats. Headquartered in Aurora, CO., Quality Imaging Center is a debt free organization that is dedicated to providing document management solutions for today’s corporate environment.

While eliminating your need for costly storage space, our services allow you to convert your hard copy documentation to a highly efficient and productive electronic environment that is accessible through your PC or network. Our services permit you to utilize this electronic format to house and retrieve all of your documentation.

Along with experiencing quick and easy document retrieval, you’re maximizing the security of your sensitive material while increasing your productivity and office space.

Because your images are stored on CD's, the need for jukeboxes are eliminated and master databases, which are housed in either your server or PC’s, utilize minimal space. In cases where images are required to be accessed throughout your network, dedicated servers can be utilized.

Document imaging is by far the best way to go for organizations that are faced with document retention issues. This technology is proven and well established and is here to stay.

Review some of our customer testimonials, then contact us to discuss your exact imaging or document solution needs.

Quality Imaging Center offers complete state-of-the-art document technology solutions and services that are extremely affordable. The return on your investment will result in considerable savings in your overall operations both in hard dollar savings and personnel productivity. One of the intangible benefits to consider is customer satisfaction.

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